Tie Breaker Information



Dear coaches, parents and players, please see below our tie breaker rules as they may differ from other tournaments. In each division, 6 teams advance to the playoffs but if tied for points these are the rules to find the winners.

  1. Tie-Breaker, Round Robin:  If tied in points, standings (seedings) will be determined based on the following order:
    1. The head to head result involving the teams tied (two-way ties only or if one team has beaten all others they are tied with).
    2. The team with the most wins in round robin play.
    3. The  highest ratio of goals for divided by goals for plus goals against [GF/(GF + GA)] (up to the 5th decimal)
    4. The team with the lowest number of penalty minutes accumulated in round robin play.
    5. The team with the lowest number of goals against
    6. The team with the most goals for
    7. Coin toss by the tournament coordinator or a designated representative.

Note: in the event that three or more teams are tied, there will be no reverting back to a previous tie-breaking step as each seed is determined. Should two of three teams still be tied after a tie breaker, those two teams will continue down the list of tie breakers, and the single team will either be eliminated (if they fell below the other two teams), or be skipped above (if they stood above the other two teams). Furthermore, please note that the highest ratio tie breaker heavily favors fewer goals against as opposed to higher goals for.

Read more at http://www.capitalvolunteercup.com/en/publication/news/division_finalization_information-2.html#6qzHXsD3r7mzpZ9T.99

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